Volkspark Hellgrundweg 22525 Hamburg Germany

Event Area | 
Hellgrundweg | 22525 Hamburg Germany

Startnumber pick-up|Startnummern-Ausgabe:
Permanence Event Area | Hellgrundweg | 22525 Hamburg Germany

Special Olympics service point:
Event Area Meeting Point

How to get there Riders|Zufahrt TeilnehmerInnen:
Hellgrundweg  Arena Rot | 22525 Hamburg Entry A

How to get there Visitors|Zufahrt BesucherInnen:

Hellgrundweg Arena Rot | 22525 Hamburg Entry A


Hot Soups|Coffee & Cakes|Poffertyes & Punsch|The Fishbude|Selfmade Fries|Grillwurst´n´Beer

Sanitary facilities|Sanitär-Anlagen:
see course map

Albertinen Krankenhaus Süntelstrasse 22457 Hamburg


Adress: Hellgrundweg |  22525 Hamburg
Parking & Entry A: Hellgrundweg (for riders and visitors)
Parking & Entry B: Vorhornweg (for riders only)
Please follow the instructions of the Marshalls on site.
The parking areas are only for daily parking 09:00-15:00
The parking area for overnight stays (mobile homes) are limited at Entry B only. Please register in advance from event homepage (see "News").

Adresse: Hellgrundweg | 22525 Hamburg
Parken & Eingang A: Hellgrundweg (für Fahrer:innen und Besucher:innen)
Parken & Eingang B: Vorhornweg (Nur Fahrer:innen)
Bitte haltet Euch an die Anweisungen des Ordnungspersonals.
The Parkzonen können ausschließlich im Zeitraum von 09:00-15:00 Uhr genutzt werden.
Overnight-Stellplätze für Wohnmobile sind limitiert und nur im Bereich Eingang B möglich. Diese müssen vorab reserviert werden (siehe Homepage "News").


Distance|Streckenlänge: 3.0 KM
Grass|Rasen: 35%
Trail: 20%
Tarmac|Asphalt: 25%
Gravel: 15%
Sand: 5%
Bridge|Brücke: 1
Steps|Treppe: 1
Barriers: 2 (max. 30cm)
Meters height per lap|Höhenmeter pro Runde: tba.

Do check 

...the weather and come well prepared for rain and cold temperatures. Races take place rain or shine.

Do bring

...good enthusiasm and spirit to cheer on the riders. Lawn chairs if you want to sit down.

Do wear

...comfortable shoes for standing and walking in natural terrain. 

Do bring appetite for the typical catering offers like belgium waffles, fries and hot soups.


Do respect

...the informations regarding the park regulations and all hints given by the stewards.

Do check

...any possibilities of a mostly carbon neutral way of traveling to and from the venue.


...leave and litter, bottles etc. on the ground or the venue park.


...walk on race course except at designated crossing locations.


....bring any firearms or weapons of any kind to the venue.

Code of conduct

The #wearecyclocross staff and our partners are dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable event for everyone. 
Please be respectful to those around you and refrain from behavior that interferes with other's ability to enjoy the race and event. 
|We do not accept an offensive, unruly or illegal behavior.
|We do not accept inflammatory language or gestures.
|We do not accept any physical harrassment of riders and attendees. 
|We do not accept failing to follow instructions given by the #wearecyclocross staff.